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Rowland and Rell Lead Dignitaries at Sherwood Island Service

Rowland and Rell Lead Dignitaries at Sherwood Island Service
Gov. John G. Rowland and Lt. Gov. M. Jodi Rell led dignitaries tonight paying tribute at a Sherwood Island State Park ceremony honoring 151 people with Connecticut ties who died in the Sept. 11 attacks two years ago.

“That day is and always will be, first and foremost, about people,” Rowland said. “People who were called to eternity, people who were left behind to cope with loss.

Rowland and Rell were joined by other state and local officials, including Westport First Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell and Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp.

Several hundred people attended the unveiling of victims’ names in a memorial at the Westport park on Long Island Sound.  A bell tolled as each victim’s name was read.

The memorial, which is on the waterfront with a view of Manhattan, was unveiled a year ago. The park was used as a staging point for Connecticut aid to New York in the aftermath of the attacks.

The addition of the names and four stone benches marks the memorial’s completion, according to Brian Mattiello, director of the Office of Family Support and coordinator for the project.

Carrying white roses, family members processed through the memorial at sunset as the bell tolled for the victims.

By the time the line wound its way through, piles of flowers, American flags, shiny copper pennies, pictures and funeral cards decorated the tribute site.

The memorial consists of three stone panels embedded in a rectangular patch of grass and framed by dirt pathways. Blocks engraved with the victims’ names are arranged in lines inside the rectangle.

At the head of the memorial, a raised angular stone bears an inscription: “The citizens of Connecticut dedicate this living memorial to the thousands of innocent lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, and to the families who loved them.”

Republicans Seek New Zoning Candidate

Republicans Seek New Zoning Candidate
Westport Republicans are seeking a new candidate for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

John Hudock, who was nominated in July, told Town Clerk Patricia H. Strauss in a letter that he is withdrawing his name because he is relocating.

He was running uncontested on the board along with incumbent Elizabeth Wong. Republicans are expected to endorse a new candidate at a meeting later this month.

Whos at the Door? Cable Guy? No, Psychologist Guy

Todays Connecticut Post spotlights Westport psychologist Norman P. Klein and his unique service Җ making house calls.

According to the newspaper, Klein decided to try the idea after he ended ties with managed-care plans.

Many of my patients seem to have an easier time opening up and talking up whatӒs getting in their way, he said. ԓPerhaps its because they are in their homes Җ places where they are already comfortable.

Yacht Club Official Cautiously Optimistic About New Oyster Proposal

An official of Westports Cedar Point Yacht Club said today he is encouraged by a revised plan by a Westport doctor to harvest oysters off of Westport using suspended cages.
The original proposal by Dr. John Garofalo and his Mariculture Unlimited LLC touched off a storm of protest from sailboat owners and recreational boaters, many of whom spoke at a public hearing by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Milford on July 23. (See WestportNow July 24, 2003).

Dr. John Garofalo at July 23 hearing. file photo

Mark Foster, Cedar PointҒs commodore, said Garofalos revised proposal presented Tuesday night at a meeting of the Shellfish Commission left him more optimistic.
ғCedar Point Yacht Club is encouraged by Dr. Garafolo’s proposal to relocate his project area in the direction that he indicated at Tuesday evening’s Shellfish Commission meeting, Foster told WestportNow.
ԓBased upon the information provided, as I stated at the meeting, I believed that a comparatively small conflict still exists with the traditional sailboat racing area.
Foster said Garofalo promised that Mariculture Unlimited will look at this issue more closely and will reply with a written proposal that will take this into account.
ԓWe are cautiously optimistic that this alternative project configuration can be refined to address our concerns, he said.
Alicia Mozian, WestportԒs Conservation director, said Shellfish Commission members were also encouraged by Garofalo’s remarks before them but wanted to see more details.
They seemed to be more in favor of it but reserved final judgment until they see it on a plan,Ӕ she told WestportNow.
Mozian said the commission has no formal role in the approval process that belongs to the Army Corps of Engineers ֖ but said their support would be important.
Mozian said Garofalos new plan envisions a smaller area than the 367 acres originally proposed and sits closer to the Fairfield line.

CL&P Power Line Plan Not as Described

CL&P Power Line Plan Not as Described
An alert WestportNow reader has called attention to the fact that Connecticut Light and Power Company inserts in its last billing statement described an outdated planned route for a new power line through Westport (See WestportNow Sept. 2, 2003).

The leaflet described the route as mainly along the Post Road until Myrtle Avenue where it would then go north, crossing the Saugatuck River on Kings Highway North, and then making its way back to the Post Road.

First Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell said power company representatives had accepted an alternate route suggestion made by Barlow Cutler-Wotton, a member of the Historic District Commission, at a public hearing in June.

That route would have the 345-kV underground line turn south on Imperial Avenue and cross the Saugatuck River using the town-owned land adjacent to the Imperial parking lot. It would then go up Lincoln Street to Post Road West and proceed to Norwalk.

This avoids disturbing the historic neighborhood on Myrtle Avenue and the historic district on Kings Highway North.

Farrell told WestportNow that a CL&P representative had warned her that the notices sent to customers about the $500 million Middletown-to-Norwalk project were confusing, but he affirmed the commitment they made at the public hearing.Ӕ

She added that nothing is final until the states Siting Council agrees and that is expected to take approximately one year from time of application, which is due to be submitted this month.

Cutler-Wotton, who also is a member of the Kings Highway North Association, told WestportNow that she was gratified the power company had accepted her suggestion.

“I am thrilled with their new plan,” she said. “The other one would have been a mess. And they have told me they will burrow under the river and a town-owned park on the other side so they won’t have to disturb that either.”

Westport Police Chief Proclaims Towns

Westport Police Chief Proclaims Towns Security Readiness
Westport Police Chief William Chiarenzelli Tuesday night proclaimed Westport the best prepared community in Connecticut for any terrorist threat and said it was entirely due to local taxpayers, not federal homeland security dollars.
ғIf the town of Westport had waited for federal dollars to help us with homeland security, wed still be waiting,Ҕ he told the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) during a discussion about the towns emergency preparedness.

Police Chief William Chiarenzelli addresses the Representative Town Meeting Tuesday night. The photo is from the town’s cable television broadcast. photo

ғAnd I cut to the chase here, the often outspoken chief said at the RTM’s monthly session, which was televised on the townԒs cable channel. IӒm not going to play any games. Im very disappointed in the cash flow weҒve received (from Washington).
Chiarenzelli said it was only because the town bodies had authorized purchase of protective hazardous materials suits and other equipment that Westport was better prepared for any eventuality following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
ԓBecause of your good hearts and the Board of Finance, were the first and only community thatҒs gone across the board with preparation and we are the best prepared in the entire state of Connecticut, he said.
The RTM on Jan. 15, 2002, unanimously approved a $40,303 request to purchase biohazard protective equipment.
Chiarenzelli said federal tax dollars were in the pipeline and that he expected the assistance would eventually arrive and mainly be directed at promoting regional preparedness.
The police official, along with Deputy Chiefs David Heinmiller and Donald Brown, as well as Fire Chief Denis McCarthy, appeared before the legislative body mainly to review the communityԒs response to the Aug. 14 blackout.
They all said Westports emergency personnel responded quickly and efficiently during the incident and regarded it as good practice for more destructive events such as ice storms or hurricanes.
McCarthy acknowledged that there is room for improvement in communicating with the public during emergencies. He said particular attention will be paid to activating the Staples High School FM radio station in a timely manner to better inform town residents.

EditorҒs note:
The editor of WestportNow also serves as the moderator of the RTM.

New Westport Center Pedestrian Crosswalks, Stop Signs Proposed

New Westport Center Pedestrian Crosswalks, Stop Signs Proposed
Drivers in Westports center may soon have to get used to new pedestrian crosswalks and stop signs along Myrtle Avenue and Imperial Avenue.

The Board of Selectmen at its Sept. 10 meeting will take up a police department request to install new traffic markers at the intersections of Myrtle Avenue and Evergreen Avenue and Imperial Avenue and Jesup Road.

Citing its own as well as neighborhood concerns, the department requested approval to put a three-way stop at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Evergreen Avenue. It also wants a pedestrian crosswalk across Myrtle Avenue at the northernmost stop signs.

The busy intersection is between Sconset Sqaure and Town Hall.

ғIts long been a safety concern of the neighbors in the area,Ҕ said First Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell.

The other request is for a three-way stop at the intersection of Imperial Avenue and Jesup Road, near the entryway to the new senior center on Barons South. That installation would include two new pedestrian crosswalks across Imperial Avenue at the stop signs.

“We want to do everything we can to ensure pedestrian safety in that area,” Farrell told WestportNow.

The Board of Selectmen is reviewing the requests in its capacity as the townҒs traffic authority.