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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treaters on the Move

Scenes from Westport Halloween trick or treaters tonight in the Compo Beach area. Lynn U. Miller for


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Scary Image
A Donald Trump costume with vehicle drew laughter from trick or treaters tonight in Westport’s Compo Beach area. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Lynn U. Miller for


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Bedford Gal Pals Image
Enjoying some Halloween fun at Westport’s Compo Beach tonight were a group of 11-year-olds, all sixth graders at Bedford Middle School. They are (l-r) Merel Kanter, Sadie Goldman, Camilla Østbye, Rachel Greenberg, Chloe Manna, Lily Caplan and Brooke Dembin. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Lynn U. Miller for


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Compo Crowd Image
Trick or treaters converge on a Compo Beach area home tonight as hundreds descended on the neighborhood, traditionally one of the town’s busiest on Halloween night. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Robin Fellows for


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Having Fun Image
Among those having fun trick or treating tonight in Westport’s Compo Beach area were (l-r) Anna Friezo, Francesca Sullivan, and Samantha Callari, all 9, of Westport. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Robin Fellows for


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Jelly Fish Look Image
Tia Pogue, 16, of Westport did her trick or treating tonight in her homemade jelly fish costume on Fairfield Avenue in the Compo Beach area. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Lynn U. Miller for


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Spooky Welcome Image
The Colder family of Westport Avenue in the Compo Beach neighborhood welcomed early trick or treaters today to their spookily decorated home. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Lynn U. Miller for


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The Navins: Besieged by Heroin, Hatred and Greed

By James Lomuscio

A heroin habit that reached $600 a day, a father’s history of abuse requiring state intervention, and a young couple’s lust for independence and money even if it meant murdering parents are all choreographed in a state police arrest warrant. Image
Warrant details history of family trouble involving Kyle Navin and parents Jeffrey W. Navin and Jeanette L. Navin. Contributed photo

Police Friday night charged Kyle Navin, 27, already being held on a gun charge, with the murder of his parents. In addition, police announced the arrest of Jennifer A. Valiante, 31, his Westport girlfriend, as part of the investigation.

Jeffrey W. Navin, 56, president of J&J Refuse in Westport, and his wife, Jeanette L. Navin, 55, a Weston school paraprofessional, were reported missing since Aug. 7 after not being seen since Aug. 4.

Friday night, the Chief State Medical Examiner’s Officer in Farmington confirmed that the remains found at an abandoned Weston property at 85-89 Norfield Road belonged to the Navins.

More "The Navins: Besieged by Heroin, Hatred and Greed"


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Kerrigan Son: ‘No Connection to the Murder’

A son of the owner of the Weston property where the remains of a murdered couple were found said today his family has “no connection to the murder.” Image
Thomas J. Kerrigan: “let authorities continue the investigation.” Dave Matlow for

The father, Thomas F. Kerrigan, a businessman of Westport, is the owner of the property at 85-89 Norfield Road where the remains of Jeffrey W. Navin, 56, and wife Jeanette L. Navin, 55, were found Thursday.

“My family has already spoken to authorities, and we have no connection to the murder,” Thomas J. Kerrigan, also a Westport resident, said in a statement emailed to media.

“My father was also not a friend of Kyle’s,” he said, referring to the Navins’ 27-year-old son, who has been charged with his parents’ murder. “However, my brother and I were once acquainted to the Navin family a while ago when Kyle learned about the vacant property.”

More "Kerrigan Son: ‘No Connection to the Murder’"


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Spooky House on Bradley Street Image
A house on Bradley Street in Westport’s Compo Beach area is ready today for Halloween trick or treaters. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Phyllis Groner for


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Getting Ready for Trick or Treaters Image
Residents on Westport’s Soundview Drive were busy today getting ready for Halloween trick or treaters. The Compo Beach area is one of the town’s most popular Halloween trick or treating areas.  (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Pyllis Groner for


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Josephine Pellicano, 87

Josephine Pellicano of Westport died Oct. 29 at home. She was 87. Image
Josephine Pelicano: Westporter since 1963. Contributed photo

The wife of the late Dominic Pellicano was born in Montreal, Canada the daughter of the late Pasquale and Irma Dardano. She had been a Westport resident since 1963.

She received her Registered Nursing Degree from St. Mary’s Hospital School of Nursing in Montreal in 1956 and later worked at Mediplex of Westport for nearly 15 years. She was a kind and gentle person, and faithful parishioner of the Church of the Assumption for more than 50 years.

She loved Westport, particularly Compo Beach. She had been a member of the Westport Sons of Italy and integral part of the Festival Italiano from its inception in the 1980s. In later years, she enjoyed spending time with her friends at the Westport Center for Senior Activities.

More "Josephine Pellicano, 87"


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Longshore Colors Image
Fall colors provided a canopy for a bike rider Friday at Westport’s Longshore Club Park. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Phyllis Groner for


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Saturday,  October 31, 2015 - Halloween

9 a.m. - Noon - Town Hall Room 105 - Town Clerk open for issuing absentee ballots
10 a.m. - 2 p.m. - Westport Arts Center - Drop In Art Class for kids ages 5-12: Spooky Stencils
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Westport Arts Center - “The Print Show: 45 years of Printmaking with Pace Prints” (last day)
2:30 p.m. - Westport Library - Improv for Writers

See more events:  Celebrate Westport Calendar


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Friday, October 30, 2015

Remains Confirmed as Navins, Westport Woman Arrested

By James Lomuscio

See copy of arrest warrant here

UPDATE State police investigating the disappearance of Easton couple Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin said tonight that the human remains found Thursday at a Weston property were those of the missing couple. Image
Kyle Navin (in 2006): charged with murder. Weston Forum photo Image
Jennifer Valiante: Westport girlfriend arrested. State Police photo

State police said the identities were confirmed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and as a result a warrant had been obtained charging Kyle Navin, 27, with murder of his parents.

In addition, police announced the arrest of Jennifer A. Valiante, 31, the Westport girlfriend of Kyle Navin, as part of the investigation.

Valiante was taken into custody at about 8 p.m. at her 4 Reichert Circle residence in Westport, a state police statement said. She was transported to New Haven where she was held on a $2 million bond pending a Nov. 2 Bridgeport Superior Court date.

More "Remains Confirmed as Navins, Westport Woman Arrested"


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Goodbye to Library’s Bill Derry Image
There was a goodbye party today at the Westport Library for Bill Derry (with 3-D printer Halloween headgear) who is retiring as the library’s director of innovation and user experience. Derry joined the library in 2011 after working in several school districts in the state, including Westport. He has led the library’s technology efforts, including establishment of its attention-grabbing MakerSpace. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Phyllis Groner for


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Weston House Where Bodies Found Image
This is the house at 89 Norfield Road in Weston on whose grounds two bodies were found Thursday as police hunted for missing Easton couple Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin. Police allowed access to the area late today. Media reports circulated that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner had positively identified the bodies as those of the Nevins, but there was no official announcement. The house is owned by Westport businessman Thomas F. Kerrigan, reportedly a friend of son Kyle Navin, 27, identified by a federal prosecutor as his parents’ likely killer. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Douglas Healey for


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Fall Colors Backdrop for Murder Coverage Image
Television news satellite trucks lined Hedgerow Common off of Norfield Road in Weston late today as media focused on the finding of two bodies on the grounds of nearby 89 Norfield Road. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) James Lomuscio for


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Where the Remains Were Found Image
Detectives investigate the area of 89 Norfield Road, Weston, where the remains were found. The abandoned house belongs to Thoimas F. Kerrigan of Westport, reportedly a friend of the Navin family. View is from a News-12 Connecticut helicopter. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) News-12 Connecticut photo


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Stare Down Image
While walking Westport’s Partrick Wetlands today looking for some nature shots, WestportNow contributing photographer Mark Molesworth was approached by two coyotes. “They were as big as any coyote I’ve ever seen, and to be honest, I whistled to make sure they knew I was there as I was a bit nervous by their presence,” he said. “They retreated back into the woods, but I was still able to get a good picture of one of them. If people are missing pets in the area, these two predators could be the reason.” (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Mark Molesworth for


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Life-Size Renaissance Art Image
Westport art historian Fiona Garland (r) today points out some details in “Las Meninas,” (Spanish for “The Maids of Honor”), a 1656 painting by Diego Velázquez, the leading artist of the Spanish Golden Age. The painting, which is in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, was discussed at today’s Westport Arts Center ArtCafé. It was the last ArtCafé for Helen Klisser During (l), the Center’s artistic director who has announced her resignation effective Dec. 1. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Phyllis Groner for


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Westport Property Transfers Oct. 12 - Oct. 16, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Oct. 12 - 16, 2015:

Eymard J. and Madhurya Chitty to Anthony F. and Tara L. Dipippa, 216 Bayberry Lane, $2,100,000WNproperty.jpg

John C. Paprotna to Brian P. and Kristin M. Fey, 1 Quaker Lane, $1,150,000

Robert A. and Sarah J. Pedro to Cynthia Lopez, 2 Signal Lane, $912,000

Caren Calish and Louis J. Gagliano to John C. Paprotna Jr. and Marisa K. Timperman, 230 North Ave., $1,332,000

More "Westport Property Transfers Oct. 12 - Oct. 16, 2015"


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Train Station Sunset Image
Westport commuters returning home Thursday night to the Metro-North station in Saugatuck were greeted by a spectacular sunset. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Lynn U. Miller for


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Friday,  October 30, 2015

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Westport Arts Center - “The Print Show: 45 years of Printmaking with Pace Prints”
10 a.m. - 11 a.m. - Westport Arts Center - ArtCafe with Renaissance art historian Fiona Garland discussing Diego Velázquez:“The Painter’s Painter”
3 p.m. - 5 p.m. - Westport Library - Drop-in Tech Help
5 p.m. - 7 p.m. - Westport Library - Community Party: Say Goodbye to Bill Derry
7 p.m. - 9 p.m. - Toquet Hall (57 Post Road East) - Teen Gaming Night

See more events:  Celebrate Westport Calendar


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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Susan Granger at the Movies: ‘Beasts of No Nation,’  ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Crimson Peak’

By Susan Granger

If you want to watch real horror and feel timely terror, Netflix’s first original feature “Beasts of No Nation” reveals the story of an innocent youngster who is recruited into the world of child soldiers. Image

In an unspecified West African country, pre-teen Agu (Abraham Attah) describes himself as “a good boy from a good family,” raised as a devout Christians.

Suddenly, refugees come through his town, followed by soldiers, who kill whomever crosses their path, including Agu’s family and friends. Fleeing into the bush, Agu is caught and delivered to the demonic Commandant (Idris Elba), the intimidating, manipulative leader of an anti-government militia.

Given little to eat and no uniforms, Agu befriends silent Strika (Emmanuel ‘King Kong’ Nil Adom Quaye). Along with others, they’re indoctrinated, armed and dispatched to ambush an enemy caravan. As part of his initiation, the Commandant orders Agu to execute a prisoner with a machete.

More "Susan Granger at the Movies: ‘Beasts of No Nation,’  ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Crimson Peak’"


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Staples Boys Soccer Falls to Darien Image
Graham Gudis (above) and the Staples boys soccer team dropped a 2-0 decision to Darien today, in the FCIAC tournament quarterfinals. The Wreckers now have a week and a half to prepare for the state LL (extra large schools) tourney, which begins on Nov. 9. Staples is shooting for its 13th state title. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Armelle Daniels for


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Storm Clouds Move Out Image
It was a dramatic sky over Westport’s Compo Beach today as storm clouds moved out. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Lorraine Feliciano for


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Proposed P&Z Amendment Adds Baron’s South Limits

By James Lomuscio

See text of proposed amendment here

In an after election action, the current Westport Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) plans to further amend its controversial open space designation of Baron’s South with a new text amendment prohibiting multifamily housing on site. The move would bolster the commission’s opposition to a seven-year-planned senior housing complex there. Image
Expansion of the Westport Center for Senior Activities would be made easier under the proposed amendment. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo

Text amendment No. 704, aimed at amending Dedicated Open Space and Recreation District (DOSRD) designations, also would prohibit a talked about possible school bus parking facility on two acres of the 22-acre, town-owned Baron’s South property.

The amendment is scheduled for the P&Z’s Nov. 5 meeting, two days after the municipal election but before new P&Z commissioners are sworn in.

According to the revised amendment, municipal uses in a DOSRD 2 zone, of which Baron’s South is the only designated property, will be limited, but shall exclude “fire stations, police facilities, sewage and refuse disposal facilities, vehicle and material storage depots, sanitary landfill operations and multi-family housing.”

More "Proposed P&Z Amendment Adds Baron’s South Limits"


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Have You Seen Scarlett

Scarlett was last seen on Saturday morning, Oct. 24, on Stone Drive in Westport. She is an American longhair cat with tortoiseshell coloring. She is wearing two reflective collars and a pink heart-shaped ID tag with a bell. The tag has her name and the owner’s name and phone number on it. She is also microchipped and is eight years old. She has been an indoor/outdoor cat and usually sticks close by, returning home before evening, but she hasn’t seen since Saturday. If you see her or know where she is, please call Sarah at 917-568-3100 or email her: smagrino at hotmail dot com.


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Richard Goldhurst, 88

Richard Goldhurst of Westport died Oct. 23 at the Carolton Chronic and Convalescent Hospital in Fairfield. He was 88.

He was born in Larchmont, N.Y. on Jan. 4, 1927, the son of Harry Golden, well-known author of “Only in America,” a 1958 best-seller, and Genevieve Alice Marie Gallagher. He was the eldest of four boys.

Goldhurst was proud of the 11 books he had published.  “The Midnight War” (1978) was the definitive account of the American intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920. His 1954 essay on “Style in De Bello Civili” is the classic interpretation of Julius Ceasar.

He was equally proud of his service as an enlisted man in the paratroops during World War II in the Asian Pacific Theater of Oprations. He was in the 11th Airborne Division, the first to occupy Japan in August 1945.

More "Richard Goldhurst, 88"


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