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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Electric Car Backers Focus on Conquering ‘Range Anxiety’

By Jan Ellen Spiegel


Frank Calder remembers the 38-mile drive from Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan to his home in Oxford just before Christmas last year in his new electric car - a Chevrolet Volt, the first one sold in Connecticut.WestportNow.com Image
A rendering of solar panels to power electric vehicle charging stations under consideration for Westport’s Metro-North station. Contributed graphic

“Coming home on the Merritt Parkway, it was bumper-to-bumper,” Calder said. It was also cold and he knew both factors would diminish the car’s driving range. “By time I got to Shelton, the battery ran out.”

The car automatically switched to the backup gasoline engine, and he drove the final nine miles home that way.

The incident, though painless, is a reminder of why electric cars, as environmentally and energy friendly as they might be, can be a difficult sell. The industry even has a name for it: range anxiety.

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Without a doubt, this has to be the dumbest idea I’ve heard in some time.  Think about this…$330,000 to charge a mere 20 stupid go carts during the day.  Factor in the interest on the $330K and we’re probably close to half a BILLION of YOUR MONEY!!!!...and for what? 

CT has what…oh 200 “sunny” days/year?  How many of those days will fall on a weekday?  100…125…then what?  Oh…that’s right, those “cars” will have to pull energy from the grid, which gets it’s energy from those evil Oil, Natural Gas, Coal and “gasp” NUCLEAR power plants!!!!  And I’ll venture to say that the energy will be subsidized with YOUR MONEY!!!

All so a bunch of tree hugging, spotted owl kissing, tree sap drinking “progressives” can feel good, because in their feeble minds they are saving the planet driving around in a subsidized POS…give me a break!

Posted by Tim Merrill on April 26, 2011 at 10:11 PM | #

...and when the power goes out for several days due to the tornado, earthquake, or blizzard…then what???  Oh yeah, let me spark up my GAS generator and run it for eight/nine days at $5 gal, to recharge and drive 39 miles…that’s if of course the ambient temp is above 28.  Don’t you just love the laws of physics that never seem to change for anyone or anything!?

Posted by Damon Conte on April 27, 2011 at 11:58 PM | #