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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Donahue and Thomas Put Westport House on Market for $25 Million

Longtime Westport celebrity residents Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas have put their Greens Farms mansion with Long Island Sound views on the market for $25 million.donahueaerial08170501.jpg
Aerial view of the Beachside Avenue property.  (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Nicholas H. Fingelly photo

The listing of the Beachside Avenue property by Nicholas H. Fingelly Real Estate in Southport comes two months after reports that Martha Stewart had quietly put her nearby Turkey Hill Road South house on the market for $10 million. A Stewart spokewoman denied the report.

UPDATE: Donahue told The Advocate of Norwalk that he and his wife are not leaving town, the newspaper reported Thursday. “We’ll be staying right here in the neighborhood,” he said. “We’re not leaving Westport.” He spoke while talking an afternoon walk outside his home.

The Donahue-Thomas home is actually three contiguous lots—112, 114 and 116 Beachside Ave. comprising 7.7 acres. Donahue bought the adjoining property some years ago and caused some controversy when he demolished a home to improve his water views. Image
Donahue and Thomas: will stay in Westport. Walt Disney Pictures photo.
The listing for the Donahue-Thomas home describes it as a 7,379-sq.ft.1911 wood and stucco Tudor with 17 rooms, including nine bedrooms, nine baths and powder rooms, and five fireplaces. There is also a guest house.

Vicky Fingelly of Nicholas H. Fingelly Real Estate confirmed that her firm had the listing, but, citing a confidentiality agreement with her client, said she could not confirm the client’s identity nor talk about the property.

“I am not allowed to talk to the press,” she said.

Efforts to reach Donahue and Thomas were unsuccessful.116beachside08160501260.jpg
A small sign marks the entrance to the Donahue-Thomas estate on Beachside Avenue. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Donahue and Thomas live on a stretch of Beachside Avenue that is also home to radio personality Don Imus and film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Imus told his listeners in June that he had put his house on the market but decided to take it off after almost selling to a hedge fund manager. Earlier this year, he said the property was valued at $30 million.

In March, the property at 100 Beachside Avenue changed hands for $14.6 million—the highest price ever paid for a Westport residential property. The new owners soon after applied for a demolition permit. (See WestportNow March 30, 2005).


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Phil Donahue on O’Reilly Factor:

Phil thank you for standing up for the “anti-Iraq” agenda. However, you do no service to the cause by debating with a demagogue on some illusive constitutional precedent. Your career has been in television, did you not build that career on sensationalism?

Doppy; in the White House justified the war on the pretext of terrorism:
1. 911 (actually perpetrated predominately by Saudis, should we not invade Saudi Arabia?)
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction: (always disputed; never substantiated)
3. Biological Weapons (mobile, elusive; never substantiated, Informant was likely Chalalabi who received 20 million plus dollars from the Bush administration to supply erroneous information that supported the administrations agenda as an Iranian informant; an atomic threat)
4. US installed leadership of Afghanistan and Iraq (historically aligned with the oil industry i.e.: Afghanistan pipeline)
5. Iraq for 3000 years has been subject to tribal disputes except for when the occupier is a foreigner. (Why would we expect the country will unite on any issue but on a war against the invaders; the US? Thus far the captured insurgents are predominately Iraqis (90%))
6. U.S. Intelligence (intelligence must have presented these basic facts. But the president has publicly stated that he doesn’t read.)
7. Halliburton Profits; (even the Romans knew the secret to military success was the ability to supply the troops; today that would require personnel, trucks, ships, and planes. Does the US military not have these requisites? If not, why? Does the Katrina relief effort reveal that failure?)

Phil please do not squander any media opportunities with a brominating argument on some obscure constitutional issue that John Q. Public has no appreciation! Do not forget your roots!

This country needs more viable political parties. The current “democratic system” perpetrates a ruse on the electorate that a change in the White House results in a national change. The reality is that the real power in the beltway does not change with the White House occupant. Just which group of insiders benefits!

Thank you Phil, but no thanks!

Posted by Richard Mahoney on September 22, 2005 at 09:00 AM | #