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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown Aftermath: Police, Schools Increase Security

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UPDATE In the aftermath of the Newtown schools shootings today, Westport schools increased security and moved all outdoor activities indoors, according to Schools Superintendent Elliott Landon.

Police Chief Dale Call said patrols were immediately stepped up around all schools and all day-shift officers were held over “to maintain a visible presence in those areas throughout school dismissal.”

In a mid-day email to parents, Landon said:  “In view of the tragic shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut we have acted quickly to ensure the safety of all children in our schools as follows:

”1. We are working cooperatively with the Westport Police Department to protect our children.

“2. All outdoor activities scheduled in each of our schools have been moved indoors.

“3. We have reinforced our security system by performing multiple checks on any individual seeking entry to our buildings.

“4. All doors in the front, rear, and sides of all our schools have been checked to ensure that all are fully locked..

Landon added: “While Newtown is a distance from us, we are treating this incident with great concern and seriousness.

“The safety and well-being of your children always has been, and will be, our primary concern.

“At the same time, our thoughts and prayers are with the parents, the children and the staff in Newtown.”

As part of the increased security, Westport police stepped up their patrols around all schools and some personnel were held over through the afternoon, according to Call.

He issued the following statement:

“The Westport Police Department extends its deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the tragedy which occurred in Newtown this morning.

“The Westport Police Department has offered to assist the Newtown Police Department in any manner that they might require.

“The Superintendent of Schools was in contact with the Westport Police Department this morning and afternoon regarding the events in Newtown as well as to go over the steps being taken within the Westport school system.

“Although there never any indication of a threat to the safety of Westport’s schoolchildren resulting from this morning’s incident, the Westport Police Department increased the patrol presence around the town’s schools through the day.

“In addition, day-shift officers have been held over to maintain a visible presence in those areas throughout school dismissals.

“Finally, tonight’s “Dodge-a-Cop” event at Staples High School has been postponed out of respect to the tragic loss of life in Newtown.”

Posted 12/14 at 07:06 PM 

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