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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Commentary: A Westporter’s Diary of the GOP Convention

By Michael Rea

Special to WestportNow

St. Paul , Minn.—Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin proved her mettle as a “bull dog with lipstick” Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention. Image

At one point, she commented to the press that she was not going to Washington to live up to their expectations but rather the peoples’. With that, the assembled delegates pointed to the media boxes and chanted “You, you.”

Some political commentators smiled. Others, like Anne Compton, glared.

Most of the Connecticut delegates had political hangovers this morning. One shot of Romney, one shot of Huckabee, triple shot of Rudy, and then all hell broke out as Sarah took to the podium.

Prior to Wednesday night’s session, the Connecticut delegation heard from Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao at D’Amico’s Restaurant in Minneapolis.

Local police tell us that the anarchists are planning a major offensive this evening. They feel they have yet not accomplished the goals. Their demonstration permit expires at 5 p.m. today.

I hate wearing a suit to the convention knowing that these nitwits plan on spraying us with Clorox and throwing bags of urine and feces at us. But we will wear it none the less, as soldiers wear uniforms to battle.

Shame really as most delegates were conversing nicely with war protesters until these malicious malcontents spewed out onto the streets of St. Paul.

Sen. Joe Lieberman stopped by the Connecticut delegation’s morning breakfast at our hotel. Our motto was “coffee first!”

Joe has endeared himself to the Connecticut GOP. Many of us look at him with mixed feelings. 

Leiberman ousted Sen. Lowell Weicker (a good thing from my perspective). We soon got Weicker back as governor with his state Income tax.

The rhetoric soared up to the rafters at the Xcel Center Wednesday delegates responded to various speakers with chants of ” zero, zero!” when referring to Barack Obama’s executive and legislative experience.

Tonight Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Minnesota Gov. Tom Pawlenty will take to the podium prior to McCain’s acceptance speech.

At the end of the day both political parties have succeed in exciting and stimulating their base.

Political history is and will continue to be made this November. First black president? First woman vice president?

Let’s hope we can all be civil in our tone and demeanor .That will be a real first.
Westporter Michael Rea, a member of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), is a member of the Connecticut delegation to the GOP Convention and the 4th Congressional District coordinator for Sen. John McCain.


Posted 09/04/08 at 08:00 PM


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Great report Mike!!!

Now let’s get this great ticket elected in Connecticut.
And accross The USA!!

Posted by John Watson on September 04, 2008 at 09:39 PM | #

The Mac is back!

Behind every successful man…is a woman.

I bet Obama is kicking and cursing that he didn’t pick Hillary now. What do you expect, he’s an amateur. Live and learn Obama, live and learn!

Posted by John Raho on September 06, 2008 at 02:05 PM | #

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