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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Committee Tackles Beach Master Plan

By James Lomuscio

Moving ahead to come up with a master plan, Westport’s Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee tonight pored over consultant maps aimed at improved pedestrian safety, more useable beach area, green space, better traffic flow and updated facilities. Image
The Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee tonight pored over designs for beach access, parking and pedestrian trails. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) James Lomuscio for

“I feel like we’re getting closer and closer, preserving as much as possible of what people like, and making it more refreshed,” said Andy Moss, committee chairman.

While improving the dilapidated bathhouse remains a priority, tonight’s meeting focused on the town property’s layout.

Ashley Ley, senior planner for White Plains, N.Y.-based AKRF, Inc., environmental, planning and engineering consultants, presented maps showing a new plan for traffic flow into the beach and reworked parking lots for 700 cars, as well as a pedestrian walkway that loops the shoreline.

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