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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Friday, October 02, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Sept. 14 - 18, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Sept. 14 - 18, 2015:

Geofrey D. Stanley to Brendan Hazen and Kathleen Lawton Gibbon, 8 Riverfield Drive, $1,275,000WNproperty.jpg

Jillian Klaff to Christopher and Ester Clanton, 16 Keyser Road, $1,570,000

Jeffrey L. and Dorothy R. Baliban to Ralph J.Herbert Jr. and Michelle Ryan, 32 Washington Ave.,  $1,725,000

Diana Dilorio to Mark Robert and Kristein Cahill, 2 Pequot Drive, Taxes paid in Norwalk, $730,000

James C. Ezzes to Matthew S. Wosnitzer and Danielle S. Rudich, 31 Prospect Road, $1,325,000

Robert S. Shulman Marital Trust to Ian M. and Deanne McGuinn, 41 Ludlow Road, $1,399,000

Sandra L. Johnson to James C. Ezzes, 7 Gault Park Drive, $785,000

Shin Tsai Chu to Jacob A. Simon and Hope Feller, 18 Spicer Road, $1,345,000

Craig and Sandra Early to Shari Lebowitz, 4 Carolyn Place, $717,450

Janis G. Lipman and Gregory W. Altschuh to Jonathan Oherron Jr., 196 Hillspoint Road, $2,082,500

Diane L. Lowman to Kirk M. and Andrea J, Wilson, 15 Partrick Road, 1,675,000

John R. and Mary E. Laux to Mercedes G. Escala Gustavo A. Brinck, 7 Vinyard Lane, $685,000

Theodore M. and Susan H. Davis to Alexandra Margitta Cortes Scholer and Juan Antonio Lebrija, 3 Bridghtfield Lane, $1,947,000

Matin J. and Janet Sue Albert to Lindsay and Jonathan A. Murphy, 21 Silver Brook Road,  $1,134,000

Glen and Tara J. Keiser to Mattera Construction 3 Kensington Place, 3 Kensington Place, $1,350,000

Donegal Holdings LLC to Nicholas and Alexandra Thompson, 18 Sherwood Drive, $900,000

Anthony E. Mirti to Esther S. Korovillas, 32 Edgewater Commons Lane, $3,850,000

Judith Rosenkrantz Trust to Martin J. and Janet S. Albert, 22 Danbury Ave., $2,300,000

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Sept. 7 - 11, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Sept. 7 - 11, 2015:

Bradley S. Anschutz Estate to SIR 1 Hyatt LLC, 1 Hyatt Lane, $625,000WNproperty.jpg

Keith R. Howard-Goldsmith to 612 Penfield LLC, 25 White Birch Ridge, Weston, $375,000

Dean A. and Vicki A. Slack to Jason and Rachel Frank, 6 Birchwood Lane,  $1,325,000

Richard W. and Rachel A. Brelsford Jr. to J. Michael Anastasio and Mark A. Wescott, 5 Brookside Park, $765,000

Elizabeth Wigglesworth Revocable Trust, A. Elizabeth Wigglesworth Trust to Richard W. and Rachel A. Brelsford Jr., 44 Woodside Ave., $1,300,000

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Aug. 31 - Oct. 4, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Aug. 31 - Oct. 4, 2015:

1 Lantern Hill LLC to Edwin C. and Mindy S. Tan, 15 Hockanum Road, $1,987,500WNproperty.jpg

Debra K. Ressler to John J. McManus, 54 Terra Nova Circle, $1,200,000

Leonard B. Zaslow Reversible Trust to Placid Lake LLC, 2 Placid Lake Lane,  $785,000

Sally A. Sarsfield to Christopher R. and Stephanie Retco, 1 Burr School Road, $1,150,000

Jonathan E. Krim and Joyce Gimperlein to Heritage Sprintview Partners LLC, 19 Sprintview Ave., $1,000,000

Leon A. and Gabrielle Chautin to Jenifer Anne Lofthouse, 17 Greenbrier Road, $1,869,000

Budd S. Schwartz Estate to Eileen Y. Zhang, 57 Hills Lane, Taxes paid in Norwalk, $315,000

Post Road Development LLC to David and Teri Hague-Rogers, 41 Jennie Lane, $2,312,500

Nicholas M. and Josephine Berardi to Robert and Sally S. Galan, 269 Main St., $1,040,000

Laurence A. and Chelsea C. Kirwan to Calm Inc., 16 Buena Vista Drive, 375,000

Susan M. Dimaria to Redcoat Development LLC, 1 Teragram Place, $578,000

James A. and Roberta W. Conroy to Adam and Lindsey Drake, 5 Lehn Farm Road, $730,000

Mark L. and Joanna E. Gentile to James P. Kempner, 47 Bermuda Road,  $2,365,000

Elizabeth C. and Justin M. Smith to Michael D. Weber, 208 Hillspoint Road, $1,020,000

87 Post Road East Assoc LLC to LGC 87 Post Road Westport LLC, 87 Post Road East, $16,635,000

Bonnie Hammer to 31 Stony Brook LLC, 31 Stony Brook Road, $3,850,000

R. Eric Kehle to Dana R. Martin, 64 Hills Lane, Taxes paid in Norwalk, $355,000

Andrew Beal to Robert J and Alexandra Metz, 168 Cross Highway, $1,820,000

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Aug. 24 - 28, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Aug 24 - 28, 2015:

Amelia C. Grosberg to Morgan and Amanda Fahimi, 1 Sleepy Hollow Road, $1,850,000WNproperty.jpg

SIR-7 Rocky Acres LLC to Christian G. Lebrun and Marion O. Robinson, 7 Rocky Acres Lane, $2,675,000

Mark and Lisa Ashkinos to Christopher B. and Christine D. Douville, 27 Maple Ave. North, $1,750,000

Philip M. and Arlety B. Bowman to Aaron and Abby Greenberger, 4 Victoria Lane, $2,400,000

Emilio Adamo Trust to Gregory M. and Dawn M. Lester, 334 Compo Road South, $1,590,000

Kenneth G. and Diane E Yormark to Paul and Brynne McClanahan, 2 Northfield Drive, $1,035,000

Shalabh and Zarna R. Garg to Andrew M. Tingley, 15 Twin Falls Lane, $1,360,000

Nance Arconti Trust to Michael Rosen, 33 Danbury Ave., $1,399,000

Mark D. and Laura L. Pflug to Kenneth S. and Michelle B. Gersh, 17 Burnham Hill, $4,200,000

Bluewater Prospect 14 LLC to Mark Joseph and Sarah A. Hale, 14 Prospect Road, $3,275,000

Kenneth S. and Michelle B. Gersh to Justin M. and Elizabeth C. Smith, 1 Lookout Trail, $1,750,000

Charles and Sara Hemmerdinger to Tyler J. and Melissa Rosche, 29 Woods Grove Road, $975,000

William Delano Estate to Andrew McConnell, 8 Sunrise Road, $530,000

Cunningham Properties III LLC to 300 Main St Westport LLC, 300 Main St., $735,000

Malcolm W. and Tracy M. Robinson III to Ian Paul and Sara W. Roche, 2 Hedley Farms Road, $2,192,500

David H. and Judith Stone to Jeffrey Siskind, 82 Morningside Drive South, $2,768,000

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Aug. 17 - 21, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Aug 17 - 21, 2015:

Peoples United Bank NA to Alan and Julie Drucker Kravetz, 6 Pebble Beach Lane, $1,075,000WNproperty.jpg

Robert and Jody Gelfand to Ryan T. and Sara C. Snow, 241A Wilton Road, $1,610,000

Philip M. and Arlety B. Bowman to Aaron and Abby Greenberger, 4 Victoria Lane, $2,400,000

Lucille C. Hartman Nelson to 46 Old Road LLC, 46 Old Road, $525,000

Harold A. and Carole J. Erger-Fass to Sean and Christina DeGroot, 4 Greenwood Lane, $1,249,000

2 Pony Lane LLC to Andrew James and Sheetal Anil, 2 Pony Lane, $2,100,000

Marc C. and Kristy L. Theisenger to Jane Boyd and Donald J. Broce, 50 Cross Highway, $1,100,000

Susan R. and David P. Fugitt to Sharif El-Gamal, 70 Newtown Turnpike, $840,000

Megan M. Demaria to Rebecca Audrey Tudor, 19 Wassell Lane, $149,392

Mark B. Victor to Marc C. and Kristy L. Theisenger, 4 Turkey Hill Road North, $1,475,000

Robert K. Zapfel Trust to Andrew S. and Jenna L. Goldman, 88 Morningside Drive, 50% Interest, $1,400,000

Robert K. Zapfel to Andrew S. and Jenna L. Goldman, 88 Morningside Drive, 50% Interest, $1,400,000

Lori Narins to Andrew and Caryn Blatt, 4 Terhune Drive, $1,545,000

John A. and Yasuyo Martins to Aili Takebayashi, 10 Highwood Road, $840,500

Susan R. Malloy Estate to 9 ORL LLC, Over Rock Lane, $1,050,000

SIR-14 Peaceful LLC to David Lansing and Julie E. Sternberg Trusts, 14 Peaceful Lane, $2,470,000

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Aug. 10 - 14, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Aug 10 - 14, 2015:

5 Fragrant Pines LLC to Howard and Janet Zev, 5 Fragrant Pines Court, $1,969,875WNproperty.jpg

Scott A. and Michelle U. Shapiro to Richard J. Harvey and Thrusha Agravat, 23 Rayfield Road, $1,550,000

Heather M. Bliss to Citimorgage Inc, 87 Saugatuck Ave., $384,000

Scott Hovhannissian Estate to 62 PRW LLC, 62 Post Road West, $765,000

Karen R. and Richard W. Wingate to Alexandra and Eric T. Wiberg, 14 Crooked Mile Road, $1,084,000

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Westport Property Transfers Aug. 3 - 7, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Aug. 3 - 7, 2015:

Steven and Jacqueline Homscheid to Clark and Linda Cheng, 39 Danbury Road, $2,800,000WNproperty.jpg

Robert A. and Patricia C. Chernow to Kathleen Brady and Richard Klimberg, 4 Fox Run Lane, $1,671,000

Post Road Southpark LLC to Benjamin and Pamela Greenblatt, 14 Long Lots Lane , $1,525,000

Susanne Kanner Estate to Riverside/15 Bauer LLC, 15 Bauer Place, $575,000

Peter W. and Kiana M. Barnes to Katherine Breidenbach, 441 Main St., $714,000

James and Randi Marino to Victor and Yulia Piterbarg, 4 Fresenius Road, $1,470,000

James A. and Izabella Rowe to Harold L. Paz and Sharon H. Press, 14 Surf Road, $2,900,000

Aaron S. and Leslie M. August to Matthew J. and Rebecca A. Lipschutz, 36 Fillow St., $742,500

6 Pequot LLC to Tobi Molko and Adam Kizner, 6 Pequot Trail, $1,000,000

Eric and Katherine Leinwad to Craig and Lindsay Melvin, 4 Caccamo Lane, $2,437,500

Diane H. Herman to Hsuan-Ching Lo and Watanasak Tansuriwongse, 375 Main St., $760,000

Lauren A. MacInnis to Elizabeth A. Woody, 220 Riverside Ave. Unit A1, $690,000

Robert A. and Ellen R. Landowne to William L. Montuoro and Patricia J. Tapen, 37 Bonnie Brook Road, $1,180,000

Eric Mockler and Shirley McElhatton to Edward and Agnieska Zotter, 27 Maple Ave. South, $975,000

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Westport Property Transfers July 27 - 31, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 27 - 31, 2015:

Daniel S. and Michele D. Baxter to Steven and Jodi Selzer, 5 Quarter Mile Road, $1,150,000WNproperty.jpg

Robert L. and Marjorie Q. Gaines to Lei Wang and Xia Tian, 111 Cross Highway, $911,250

Henry S. and Pamela S. Scott to 87 Cross Highway Westport LLC, 87 Cross Highway, $500,000

Claire White Estate to Besnik Hajdari, 213 Wilton Road, $632,000

David and Sandra Willis to Surf 26 Westport 2015 LLC, 26 Surf Road, $3,300,000

Mary P. Strausser Estate to Thomas W. Jr. and Karry Wilson, 11 Riverside Drive, 78% Interest, $1,835,000

Joan Ellen Pedersen to Robert Eric Pedersen, 14 Bauer Place, 1/5 interest, $50,000

Peter H. Hurley and Geraldine Doonan to Behrad Mokhtar-Derakhshan and Monica Kolinsky, 183 Newtown Turnpike, $820,000

Jeffrey M. and Susan M. Skutnik to Iliya and Stacy Rybchin, 3 Sturges Hollow, $1,475,000

Arnold and Myrna Ockene Trusts to Jerrold Owen, 325 Lansdowne, $725,000

Jerrold Owen to Konstantin E. Bandura, Yelena A. Petrova, 44 Reichert Circle, $780,000

Jessica Y. Ryan to Kevin McLaughlin and James A. Hansen, 22 Vani Court, $668,500

8 DA LLC to Ian Dalinka, 8 Danbury Ave., $2,500,000

Scott B. and Danajean S. Witkin to Mark J. Fletcher and Christina I. Scherwin, 159 Compo Road South, $1,600,000

Richard A. and Jean Denholtz Trusts to Riku LLC, 307 Bayberry Lane, $825,000

Conrad and Michelle Landry to 24 Westfair LLC, 25 Westfair Drive, $465,000

Evan Schwartz Trust to Raymond F. Ross Revocable Trust, 201 Lansdowne, $1,050,000

Anita Wilkes Dor Estate to Stonewall Westport LLC, 4 Stonewall Lane, $600,000

Michael B. Ronemus / Kim Ronemus to Jeffrey Scher and Bonnie Siegler, 113 Cross Highway, $2,080,000

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Friday, August 07, 2015

Westport Property Transfers July 20 - 24, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 20 - 24, 2015:

Janet M. Newman Estate to Lawrence and Sandra Lefkowitz, 4 Norport Drive, .62% Westport, $780,000WNproperty.jpg

Lillian and Rohan Kohli to Michael and Sandra Sriharil, 61 Bulkley Ave., $2,600,000

Anne A. Kallish to Katherine Peixoto, 19 Hale St., $445,000

Anne A. Kallish to MacDaniel and Stephanie Devito, 18 Mills St., $445,000

R. Paul and Maureen A. Gallant to Elyse M. Herz and Alexander Lau, 4 Daybreak Lane, $936,000

SIR-9 Moss Ledge LLC to Nine Moss Ledge Road LLC, 9 Moss Ledge Road, $3,065,000

Daspina and Daniel Malasky to Kenneth G. and Diane E. Yormark, 35 Bermuda Road, $1,363,150

Lillian T. Duquette Estate to Davide Cravero, 18 Hale St., $472,000

Avail Holding LLC to Manoochehr Halati and Sally Melanie Louren, 159 Greens Farms Road, $965,000

Michele M. Williams to Matthew K. Finkle and Grace Cho, 15 Soundveiw Drive, $3,100,000

Nicholas A. and Susan R. Radesca to Brett and Jessica Parker, 192 Cross Highway, $1,835,000

Sandra S. and Stewart R. Morrison to Harold T. and Monica Mancusi-Ungaro, 41 Pequot Trail, $2,300,000

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Westport Property Transfers July 13 - 17, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 13 - 17, 2015:

Christopher Cocco to Brooke L. Coniglio, 2 Keenes Road, $700,000WNproperty.jpg

William C. Shope Jr. to Thomas L. and Jennifer C. Hassell, 68 Patrick Road, $900,000

Clorinda Fiorentino to Gregory W. MacCordy, 6 Lamplight Lane, $920,000

Jeffrey and Barbara Heil to John and Amanda Wilson, 3 Feather Hill Road, $2,325,000

Hua He and Connie M. Ding to Jeffrey L. Ment and Mary Murray, 6 Marion Road, $1,290,000

CCO IV Hillspoint LLC to Michael and Linda Klein, 158 Hillspoint Road, $1,795,000

Nicholas R. Clarke to Paul and Janet Marthers, 10C Imperial Ave., $1,099,000

Susan Beth Martin to Scilla M. and Stephen J. Vincini, 308 Weston Road, $1,225,000

Beth S. Gould to Robert M. and Andrea N. Arnold, 7 Brookside Park, $860,000

William G. Cohen to Jeffrey and Barbara Heil, 92 Harbor Road, $1,420,000

Alvin and Kanokrat Lim to Dino Michetti, 3 Pheasant Lane, $825,000

Bank of New York Mellon-Trust to Sturges Brothers Inc., 1 Strathmore Lane, $620,000

Stuart A. and Rebecca D. Hunt to Sharif Eladawy and Margaret Tawadrous, 12 Blue Ribbon Drive, $2,375,000

John Francis Gerard Estate to Susan Gay Roberts, 222 Lansdowne, 50% Interest, $368,500

Rosemary Wackar Gerard Estate to Susan Gay Roberts, 222 Lansdowne, 50% Interest, $368,500

Kanika Taylor to Matthew Ulrich and Tanya Kanchanagom, 35 Treadwell Ave., $1,030,000

Suzanne M. Flavia Tanner to Thomas G. Lyle and Neayka Sahay, 12 Bolton Lane, $1,385,000

Dorothy Berman Revocable Trust to 227 Hills LLC, 227 Hillspoint Road, $1,290,000

Mary Ellen DeVito to Sunil D. Rao and Vidya R. Nair, 1 Sachem Trail, $937,500

Michael J. and Ryann Toland Giannone to Renuka Arunkumar, 6 Birch St., $799,000

Lisa Jacoby and John Ohern to Brent Douglas and Alexix Hays Lawton, 209 Wilton Road, $645,500

Tomi Ann and Jeffrey A. Northrop to Annette Sophie and Stephan Pollman, 29 Fairfield Ave., $2,200,000

Patrick S. and Shauna S. Flaherty to Guobin Ou and Jing Deng, 36 Marion Road, $795,000

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Westport Property Transfers July 6 - 10, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period July 6 - 10, 2015:

Caroline Petisi to Jason C. and Grace Q. Brennan, 199 Hillspoint Road, $1,440,000WNproperty.jpg

Jennifer Balin Laska to Diane Hill, 34 Cross Highway, $2, 020,000

Harold J. Daw Estate to Bluewater Buena Vista LLC, 15 Buena Vista Drive, $1,660,000

Michael Wan-Hong Szeto Trust to Richard Russo Revocable Trust, Margaret Rita Russo Revocable Trust, 70 Sylvan Road North, $940,000

Gregory R. Paul and Donna A. Smirniotopoulos to Natalie F. Higgins and Robert Appell, 6 Fairview Drive, $1,475,000

Jeanette N. Tuliano to Robert A. and Patricia C. Chernow, 20 Joann Circle, $1,090,000

Thomas E. and Paula G. McInerney to Ridge Capital LLC, 12 and 16 Bluff Point, $9,875,000

Bernice S. Friedson to Ronald S Friedson, 95 Bayberry Lane, $685,000

Adeline B. Renzulli Estate to Habanero LLC, 10 Keyser Road, $684,000

Alan H. Eugley to Marcin Urbaszek, 161A Cross Highway, $1,600,000

Darius and Azlina Shey to Four Seasons Construction LLC, 52 Long Lots Road, $5,000

Jean P. McGurk to Harvey Lebow, 506 Harvey Commons, $880,000

Michael Latorre Estate to Frank and Leigh Cataudo, 4 Hedge Row Lane, $1,081,000

Brook L. Coniglio to Oliver R. and Amy P. Cook, 5 Keenes Road, $1,184,000

Kira Rukin to Jon and Sara Deren, 10 Lone Pine Lane, $1,340,000

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Westport Property Transfers June 29 - July 3, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 29 - July 3, 2015:

Sabin Builders LLC to Peter H. Levine and Lindsey Blaivas, 36 Hyde Lane, $2,600,000WNproperty.jpg

Lance A. Smith and Sally B. Luce to Douglas and Elizabeth Pardon, 26 Manitou Road, $1,857,500

Bluewater Debra LLC to Lady Lib LLC, 10 Debra Lane, $3,611,600

Rana M. Buckner to Brain and Maria Fusco, 1 Grist Mill Lane, $1,150,000

Diane Kay Hill to Robert and Lori Zyskowski II, 12 Ellery Lane, $3,365,000

Cathy and Alan Circle to Jeffery A. Sanchez-Dorita and Jerald T. Bruno, 2 Elliot Lane, $1,590,000

Andrew M. and Doreen Maxine Riddles to Richard G. and Sirlene R. Minnich, 10 Evergreen Parkway, $1,290,000

Ari and Aliza Cohen to Michael R. Smith, 16 Lone Pine Lane, $899,000

Daniel F. and Nancy Seligson to Rohand Gulrajani, 34 Berndale Drive, $1,310,131

Ann Susan Brenner to Marcia Levy, 31 Woods Grove Road, $950,000

Westport Building Co. LLC to Andrew Riddles, 139 Imperial Ave., $977,500

Jane R. Shapiro to Duane Kirkland and Olga Alverez Duclaux, 76 Myrtle Ave., $1,325,000

Elizabeth Metsopoulos to Leslie S. Gold, 4 Edgewater Commons, $520,000

Post Realty Co. to Kennth Lametta, 14 Quarter Mile Road, $452,500

Ann Fogel to Myron and Katherine S. Golomb Trusts, 313 Harvest Commons, $793,800

Ronald M. Banz to Choonsik Lee and Rayoung Kim, 1 Ludlow Road Unit 1B, $525,000

Myron and Katherine S. Golomb Trusts to Nadine Melniker, 3 Blind Brook Road South, $725,000

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Westport Property Transfers June 22 - 26, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 22 - 26, 2015:

Thomas D. and Ellen P. Granger to Steven H. and Nicole M. Gerber, 36 Woody Lane, $1,550,000WNproperty.jpg

Jonathan and Sara Deren to Mathias and Flavia Reichelsdorfer, 4 Lone Pine Lane, $1,130,000

John M. and Catherine M. McCaul to Christopher P. and Jennifer S. Conn, 4 Winkler Lane, $2,600,000

Harold Scott and Meredith N. Collins to Shawn L. and Wendy Dahl, 3 Twin Falls Lane, $1,590,000

Francine R. Crystal to John Worth and Christine Urbank, 27 Hicory Drive, $589,000

Raymond R. Maddock Estate to Joseph Feinleib, 11 Old Mill Road, $910,000

1 Sylvan Road Assoc. LLC to One Syrno LLC, 1 Sylvan Road North, $4,000,000

Raymond Joseph Orr Estate to Kristen Ripka, 33 Bayberry Lane, $895,000

Marc L. and Secil Carver to Douglas E. Robinson and Alexandra B. White, 14 Drumlin Road, $780,000

William M. Denkin to Michael R. D. and Roberta Ashton, 14 Sandpiper Road, $1,885,000

Mary Elizabeth and Matthew Peterson to Peter J. Matton, 10 Singal Lane, $1,095,000

CCO IV Berkeley LLC to Julianna M. and Josh D. Saitz, 5 Berkley Place, $1,575,000

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Westport Property Transfers June 15 - 19, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 15 - 19, 2015:

Lawrence M. and Barrie S. Sesmer to Hiji and Snders Almgren, 9 Greens Farms Road, $684,500WNproperty.jpg

8 Hogan Trail LLC to Ari and Lauren Turner, 8 Hogan Trail, $1,635,000

30 Maple Ave. North LLC to Devrim and Natalya Turker, 38 Maple Ave. North, $1,712,500

CCO IV Woody II LLC to Sean and Renata Diffley, 14 Wood Lane, $3,512,500

Jan G. Topercer-Messier to Jan Schneider, 71 West Parish Road, $450,000

Peter A. and Chasity A. Santoro Jr. to RAET LLC, 1 Minute Man Hill, $4,935,000

Steven and Nicole Gerber to Daniel Karp, 38 Tamarac Road, $1,231,000

Andrew J. and Jeannine C. Flower to Eric and Amy Lerner, 244 Compo Road South, $2,500,000

Richard Maplewood LLC to Ketan K. and Bethany Kapadia, 20 Maplewood Ave., $1,620,000

Jeffrey B. and Gina D. Sheldon to Jonathan and Patricia Whitbourne, 14 Valley Road, $785,000

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Westport Property Transfers June 8 - 12, 2015

Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 8 - 12, 2015:

Dana Ann Griffin Trust to Scott and Susan N. Foushee, 23 Sturges Commons, $2,250,000WNproperty.jpg

RB Properties LLC to Healthy and Happy LLC, 10 Pond Edge Road, $2,599,000

JD Real Estate Investment LLC to 4 Whitney LLC, 4 Whitney St. Ext., $964,500

Amy K. Wilfert and Barbara L. Kosnik Trusts to David and Marsden Kline, 22 Pequot Trail, $1,331,715

Linda A. Graham to Prosasty Chaudhuri and Daim Shah, 3 Lockwood Circle, $662,100

Adam S. and Christin E Weberman to Alex Casas and Andrew H. Ross, 2 Ivy Knoll, $1,065,000

Paul C. and Fanone S. Parkinson to Michael and Allison Cammeyer, 7 Breezy Knoll, $899,200

FPW Harbor Road LLC to Mark F. and Angela G. Lieberman, 70 Harbor Road, $1,395,000

Owenoke LLC to 9 Owenoke Park LLC, 9 Owenoke Park, $2,750,000

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