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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Westporters’ “90-Pound Suburban Housewife” Song on iTunes

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You can now download from iTunes the country song “90-pound Suburban Housewife Driving in Her SUV” by Westporters and life partners Rozanne Gates and Suzanne Image
Westport author Prill Boyle posed for Suzanne Sheridan’s camera in her SUV and Weston photographer and graphic artist David Emberling completed the iTunes graphic for “90-Pound Suburban Housewife.” (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed graphic

The song got national airing on NPR’s “Car Talk” program in January and in recent days made its debut on iTunes, Apple’s online digital jukebox and music download store.  It costs 99 cents to download the song by singer Kira Small.

“We’re thrilled,” said Gates, who said she has been inundated with e-mails since the song first aired on NPR. “It struck a nerve with a lot of people.”

In advance of the iTunes debut, the two were asked to prepare a graphic to accompany the posting.

We called our friend Prill Boyle (Westport author of ‘Defying Gravity,’) and she came over with her SUV,” said Sheridan, who is also a noted photographer.

Sheridan took the pictures and then sent them off to David Emberling, a Weston photographer and graphic artist who came up the final design.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Sheridan, who has been a singer-songwriter for more than 30 years.

Both women said although the song’s lyrics are humorous they are about a serious problem – the nation’s dependency on oil and the lives being lost in a war where oil is a major issue.

The chorus is: “She’s a 90-pound suburban housewife, drivin’ in her SUV / Talkin’ on her cell phone, oblivious to you or me / Kids in the backseat, watchin’ the little TV / She’s a 90-pound suburban housewife drivin’ in her SUV.”

The song also has its own Web site—

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