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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Cat that was Snapped is Now Back

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By James Lomuscio Image
Spyder: on the mend. Bruce Kasanoff for
UPDATE Westporter Jill Newman says that if it were not for Bruce Kasanoff’s photo of her injured cat on WestportNow—and a thorough description of where the feline dragged itself after being hit by a car—Spyder, a 9-month-old male Abyssinian with an equal number of lives, “would be dead now.”

Instead, the rambunctious cat is at an animal hospital awaiting its return to the Newmans’ Janson Court home.

Spyder, who has a habit of slipping out of his collars, had bolted Friday morning, Newman said. As she patiently awaited his return, as has become custom in recent weeks, Spyder was giving one of his nine lives a try.

“I was outside the tennis courts at Town Farm on Compo Road at 10:15 a.m . today and noticed an unusual looking cat, which had no collar,” said Kasanoff, a WestportNow reader. “He was on the stone wall, bordering Compo Road itself. Unfortunately, he then darted across the road, and his rear legs got hit by a car.”

Kasanoff, a former member of Westport’s Planning and Zoning Commission who runs the Web site, said the cat managed to make it back across the street, over the wall, and into the parking lot.

“One of his rear legs, near the paw, was visibly broken,” he said. “I called Animal Control, but just minutes before the officer arrived, the cat panicked and ran into the woods. This may sound like he’ll be okay, but his rear legs are not functioning properly at all.”

“I don’t know whether the cat is wild or has an owner, but just in case the latter is true I thought you might want to publish the photo – which I took after the accident – and the fact that the cat was last seen in the woods between the Town Farm tennis courts, the house next door, and Compo Road itself (about 30 yards from the road.).”

The snapped photo of Spyder received many views that day, but it was Katarina Ausserdorfer, au pair for Newman’s three children ages 7, 5 and 2, who made the connection.

“She had some friends over, and as they were leaving she went on WestportNow to read about the weather and tornado warnings,” Newman recalled. “As she scrolled down, she saw the picture of Spyder. I can’t thank Bruce enough for his accurate description of where the cat went behind the Town Farm tennis courts.

“That’s where we found him after midnight,” she added. “Normally, we call his name and whistle. We did that and we heard him meowing. If it weren’t for Bruce’s description and his picture on WestportNow, he’d be dead now.”

Health-wise, Spyder is still not out of the woods, she noted, saying that the test results will determine whether his hip is fractured along with a broken leg. She said the vet told her the fact that Spyder has had no trouble urinating is a good sign.

“I think he’s going to be okay,” she said.

“This cat has certainly given us a run for his money,” she added. “He’s been stuck in a tree, and Animal Control had to come to get him out. That was at the end of May.”

In a posting on WestportNow today, Kasanoff said he was delighted to play a role in the cat’s safe return.

“You made my day,” he said. “Spyder is one spirited creature. If a car can’t stop him, not much will.

“I’m hopeful he will be okay, since he did manage to run back across the street, over the wall, and then into the woods after being hit. ”

Posted 07/24/10 at 03:21 PM


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Spyder is in the hospital and will be back home Monday. Much to his dismay, he will remain in a cage for weeks until his broken pelvis has healed.  He is on pain meds and seems very sleepy but all his vitals so far are going in the right direction.

The sequence of events leading up to finding Spyder were truly a miracle—Bruce snapped the photo, described where Spyder went, Katharina saw the post, sent us a text after midnight that we received; we searched for five minutes in the location Bruce mentioned AND that Spyder was alive.  CRAZY!

Thanks again to Bruce, Katharina and WestportNow.  I love this town!

Posted by Jill Newman on July 24, 2010 at 10:22 PM | #

Way to go, Bruce!  You’re a hero in my book!

Get well soon, Spyder. 

Happy reunion to one and all ... post another photo of that, please!

Posted by Joanna Loucky-Ramsey on July 28, 2010 at 01:13 PM | #

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