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Friday, July 02, 2010

Westport Property Transfers June 14 - 18, 2010

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Westport property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period June 14 - 18, 2010:

David A. and Cecelia M. Tremblay to William and Alison Roberts, 6 Buttonwood Lane, $2,300,000WN property.jpg

Herbert and Adriana Van Wyngaarden to Leon and Renee G. Sierfaty, 5 Clover Lane, $850,000

225 Lansdowne Partners to Linda H. Pryde, 225 Lansdowne, $750,000

Lynn S. Duchan to Jenifer C. Gorin, 21 High Point Road, $1,127,500

Raymond and Annette Pacioretty to 39 Sturges Highway LLC, 39 Sturges Highway, $665,000

Marc and Marie Annick Gobe to Reenie B. Makowsky and G. Kenneth Bernhardt, 9 Harbor Road, $1,145,000

Melinda J. Haywood to Mohamed Hamioui and Claudia Vera, 3 Shadowlawn Drive, $459,000

Thomas A. and John A. Conroy Trs. to VCD-2 Blue Ribbon Dr LLC, 2 Blue Ribbon Drive, $650,000

Matthew and Nicole Fever to Patrick E. and Morgan S. Mermagen, 37 Jennie Lane, $2,570,000

Tina P. Gaudoin Ennals to Geoffrey D. Farar and Mary Katherine Dunn, 17 Edgewater Hillside, $1,450,000

Vincent and Florina Diaco to Malgorzata Piekarski, 20 Dover Road, $685,000

Polly Barry to Seth and Alison Schachter, 2 Rustic Lane, $1,310,000

Richard Borzumato Est. to Natalia Buza and Attila L. Osonczy, 4 Franklin Ave., 55.5% Interest, $415,976

Lillian Borzumato to Natalia Buza and Attila L. Osonczy, 4 Franklin Ave., 44.49% Interest, $333,523

Ronald P. and Mary L. Murray to Lauren J. Zucker, 38 Maple Ave. South, $2,055,000

Florence Pramberger to Michael T. Allen, 32 Regents Park, $732,000

Robert W. and Renate S. Ferree to David and Peggy Freedman Levitman, 2180 Cross Highway, .0161% in Westport, $525,000

Posted 07/02 at 08:09 PM 

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