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Thursday, November 02, 2006

NY Daily News Endorses Shays

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The New York Daily News today endorsed incumbent Republican Rep. Christopher Shays in his contest against Democratic challenger Diane Farrell, a former Westport first selectwoman.

The text of the editorial: “As a Republican who has been strong on Iraq, Rep. Chris Shays is being challenged by a Democrat who hopes to ride into office on anti-war fury and discontent with President Bush—never mind that Shays has ably represented southwest Connecticut for 19 years.

“Shays is a moderate GOP representative. He’s pro-choice, pro-gun control and pro-stem cell research. As chairman of a national security subcommittee, he has pushed to distribute homeland security aid on the basis of risk rather than as pork. And he was Sen. John McCain’s House counterpart on campaign finance reform. (Although Shays blundered in failing to include in his own disclosure report the acceptance from an interest group of travel to Qatar and lodging there, as revealed last week by The New Republic.)

“Shays is challenged by former Westport First Selectwoman Diane Farrell, who simply wants out of Iraq, placing her among those who refuse to confront the deadly nature of what would likely happen the day after American forces retreated over the horizon.

“Shays has visited Iraq more than any lawmaker. He is aware of how egregiously Bush prosecuted the conflict while recognizing that disaster would flow from a pullout. He’s hanging tough in hope of pushing the Iraqis toward national consensus. The goal is a phased withdrawal without an unrealistic timetable. He’s right on the war, as he has been right on many issues. Reelect Chris Shays.”

Posted 11/02/06 at 01:32 PM


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