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WestportNow Archives



Volunteer Dog Walkers Needed



2009 In Pictures



WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 122 Imperial Ave.
Bichon Freeze
Sunday,  February 1, 2015


Bedford Middle Schoolers Tops in Science Olympiad
Snow Sisters
Update: Winter Storm Warning, 5 to 10 Inches Monday
Obedient Pose
Claire L. Mileto, 91
William E. Alvarez, Sr., 88
Enjoying Winterfest
Westport Pup Featured in ‘Puppy Bowl’
Just Like Mom Makes
Bacon Winner
Cold Outside But Cozy Crowd Inside
Worth the Walk
WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 18 Reichert Circle
PAL Boys Lacrosse Sets Annual Meeting Sunday
But It Doesn’t Show Wind Chill
Pink Cold
Saturday,  January 31, 2015
Legislators Pledge Support for Improved Transportation
Former Missile Site May Gain Local Historic Status
Annamay Bradley, 80
Wind Chill Advisory
Now it Can Be Told: Westporter Involved in Time Cover Switch
Advance Praise for Lynsey Addario Book
Friday Drop-in Distinguished Visitor
Cold Outside But Hot IPO Inside
WestportNow Teardown of the Day: Weeks Pavilion, Church Lane
Single Alarm, Firehouse Chili Suits Up for Chilifest
Elaine S. Horelik, 87
Westport Property Transfers Jan. 12 - 16, 2015
Making a Sidewalk Safe
More Snow to Clean
Rough Going
Honored at Red Cross Breakfast
Morning Walk After Another Snow
Friday,  January 30, 2015
Landon Proposes $1.5 Million Budget Cut
Three’s a Compo Crowd
Assessment Appeals Process Begins Monday
Donald J. Masiello, 88
Legal Defense Fund Head: ‘Help Us Make Things Better’
NY Observer: Horrors of Westport Living
Susan Granger at the Movies: ‘Violent Year,’ ‘Strange Magic,’ ‘Wedding Ringer’
William M. Sugarman, 75
WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 11 Owenoke Park
Richard L. Rothermel, 88
Seeing Red
Thursday,  January 29, 2015
Metro-North: ‘Minor Derailment’ Caused Delays
Honoring Our Heritage: 30 Charcoal Hill Road
Real Estate Report: Westport Mirrors National Trends
WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 48 Hillandale Road
Inside Baron South’s ‘Golden Shadows’
Talking Transportation: Malloy’s Plan to Widen I-95
Mary O. Wallace, 86
‘Fabulous Job’ on Snow Cleanup
‘Your Downtown’ Open House Rescheduled to Monday
Ready for Shoppers
A Priority
Parking Lots Clear
After the Storm
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Sunset to Skate By
Blowin’ in the Wind
Open and Awaiting Customers
Mountain Climber
I-95 Clear at Sunset
Back on Track
Getting Ready for Wednesday School Reopening
Schools to Open on Schedule Wednesday
NWS Update: Winter Warning Becomes Winter Advisory; 1-2 Inches More
Winslow Snow Fun
A Little Push Helps
Ready to Ride
Bradley S. Anschutz, 93
Eugene C. Kappus, 91
Plenty to Plow
Marpe: ‘Stay off the Roads a Few More Hours’
NWS Update: 1 to 3 More Inches
Marilynn S. Anderson, 92
Malloy: Statewide Travel Ban Lifted as of 2 P.M.
John J. Fisk, 88
Feeling at Home on Siberia-Like Main Street
Cop Biter Faces New Charges
Clearing Compo
Snow Run
Metro-North Details Resumption of Train Service Today
NWS: Expect 2-3 More Inches
Marpe on Storm: ‘Town Dodged Bullet’
Metro-North to Resume Sunday Service at 1 P.M.
Official Measurement?
Marpe: Quiet Storm Night
Westport’s White Way
Clearing the Way
Malloy: Don’t Want to Open I-95 Until Storm Abates
Malloy: Resumption of Rail Service Under Discussion
Malloy Lifts Travel Ban for Fairfield County
MTA Chair: Metro-North to Resume Sunday Service by Noon
Cuomo: Malloy Will Lift Travel Ban for Some Areas
Malloy Meets With Emergency Staff
I-95 And All Roads Remain Closed
Radar at 7 A.M.
Unusual Weekday Morning View of GCT
NWS: Blizzard Warning Ended; 12 to 18 Inches Expected
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
At Last
I-95 Spinout
I-95 Crash Sends One to Hospital
Transit Services Canceled for Tuesday
All Quiet
Worst Yet to Come
Main Street Tonight
Helping Out
Amtrak Suspends Service Tuesday
Sherwood Island State Park Opened for Truckers
Metro-North Suspending Train Service
Storm-Caused Field Promotion
Snowy Commute
Wipers Up
Update: YMCA Closing at 6 P.M.
Hitting the Road
Getting Gas
Waves Picking Up at Compo
Marpe Issues Storm Statement
Standing Room Only on the New Haven Line
Deserted Downtown
Soundview is Snowview
Not Much Milk at Trader Joe’s
Slim Bread Pickings at Stop & Shop
Stop & Shop More Like Stop & Look
Early Snow Fun at Winslow
Early Ride Home
NWS: Back to 20-30 Inch Possible Snow Accumulation
Willliam M. Brown, 79
Marpe Meets With Emergency Team
Enjoying Pre-Storm Walk at Compo
Westport Senior Center Closed Tuesday
Commuters Head Home Early
Metro-North Adds Extra Trains from NYC
Westport Schools Closed Tuesday
Westport Library Early Closing
YMCA Closing at 8 P.M.
Malloy Orders 9 P.M. Driving Ban
Metro-North Gears Up for Storm
Schools on Early Dismissal
NWS Scales Back Snow Prediction to 18-24 Inches
Before the Storm
Monday, January 26, 2015
Honoring Dick Harris for 26 Years at Harbor Watch
Westport Storm Wary and Ready
Busy at Hardware Stores Today
Repeat on the Way?
CL&P: We Are Prepared
Calm Before the Storm
Malloy: Be Prepared and Take Precautions
Blizzard Warning: Up to 30 Inches Possible
Coastal Flood Watch
Town’s Snow Policy Outlined
With Blizzard Coming, Where Do Westporters Go?
Getting Food Wherever Possible
Eugene E. Graze, 84
Winter Storm Watch
Sunday,  January 25, 2015
Sold-Out Crowd for Music of the 70s
Winter Weather Advisory Extended
Remembering Sidney Kramer
Recalling Sidney Kramer’s Generosity
First Snowfall Ritual
All Clear
Shovel Time
Snowy Compo
Updated Winter Weather Advisory
Westport Farmers Market Closed Today
YMCA Opening Delayed
Weather Service Storm Statement
Saturday,  January 24, 2015
Time-Lapse Video Brings Coney Island Photo to Life
Coney Island Exhibit Centerpiece
Westport Meets Coney Island
Coney Island Fun
Celebrating Coney Island
Off to the Ball
Westport White Barn Concerns to Go to Norwalk
Malloy’s Budget Cuts Again Hit Social Services, Universities, Courts
Town Hall Magic Show Postponed to Sunday
Westport Senior Center Closed Saturday
WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 62 Compo Mill Cove
Westport Property Transfers Jan. 5 - 9, 2015
Winter Weather Advisory
Spring is Less Than Two Months Away
Friday,  January 23, 2015
Permit for Same Space, Same Use? Calise Cries Foul
Chamber Guests Hear About Compo Penguin Plunge
WestportNow Teardown of the Day: 18 Church St. South
Earthplace Postpones Winterfest a Week
Getting Ready for March Library Book Sale
Caroline E. Greunke, 84
Magda M. Ivanyi, 83
Raymond J. Orr, 92
Raymond J. Orr, Pearl Harbor Survivor, 92
Red Oar
Thursday,  January 22, 2015
They Came to Fight a Housing Complex But Wrong Battle
Rotarians Briefed on Emergency Volunteer Duties
Ice Jam
The Ice Rink to Themselves
Westport Baseball & Softball Preparing for New Season
P&Z Chair Hosts Brown Bag Lunch
Gardner M. Bellanger, 71
Police K-9 Units Converge on Old Y Building
Thomas P. Wynne, 74
Real Estate Report: Time to Prepare for Spring Market
Susan Granger At the Movies: ‘American Sniper,’ ‘Inherent Vice,’ ‘Paddington’
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
For the Community, a Close Look at 8-30g
Congressman’s View of the President
Westporter is Guest at State of the Union
Green and Greenberg Draw Library Crowd
Getting the Light Just Right
Town to Secure New Restaurant to Replace Splash
Lee Greenberg at 97: ‘Not Yet on Way to Heaven’
Police Chief Inducted Into Westport Rotary Club
Frederick W. Klein, 92
Boys Soccer Players Are Academic Stars, Too
P&Z Members Visit Geiger’s Redevelopment Site
Smoke Detector Alerts Family to Basement Fire
Landmark Status Sought for Baron’s Mansion
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Practicing Their Basketball Skills
Special Martin Luther King, Jr. Event at Historical Society
Monday, January 19, 2015 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Paige M. Totilo, 51
Murphy: ‘I’m No Longer the Youngest U.S. Senator’
Despite Weather, Large Turnout for Family Series
Learning to Act at a Young Age
Coleytown Middle Schoolers Visit White House
After the Ice, Now Just Rain—And Flood Warning
Wet Going
Flood Warning
Ice Storm Causes Accidents, Injuries and Closures
Exit 17 Closed
Westport Police: ‘Stay off the Roads’
Freezing Rain Advisory
Sunday,  January 18, 2015
Packed House for ‘The Dead’
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